Video Analytics

Processing real-time video streams to identify, classify, and track objects, environments, and activity to deliver rich and timely insights.

Video analytics processing can happen in the camera itself, on-premises, or in the data centre/cloud and can be performed in real-time or retrospectively. The location selected will depend on the use case and the complexity of the processing required. Video Analytics, among many other use cases, can track stadium utilisation, enables self-driving cars to navigate road hazards, identifies shopper behavioural trends in retail stores, and helps farmers manage their crops.


Capture and process visual data for decision making:

  • In retail, understand how consumers interact with the layout of your store, and which locations attract the most footfall
  • With a richer understanding of peak hours in your location, make more informed staffing and HR decisions
  • From face recognition to smoke and fire detection, video surveillance services can greatly impact your surveillance management capabilities.