Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The next wave of portable autonomous remote sensing platforms now enabling new capabilities and possibilities within business and commerce.

Also known as ‘drones’, UAVs come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. Civil UAVs are enabling businesses to be more efficient and cost-effective in Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Surveying, and Surveillance. An example in Agribusiness is an automated platform that can automatically survey the crops to identify and locate plants in distress early enough for rectifying action without the need for time-consuming human intervention. Similar sensors can be used to locate, monitor, and report on livestock population and health.


Set your business apart, on the next wave of Remote Sensing Platforms

  • Leverage UAVs in agriculture, to identify failing plants crops and manage risk and in a timely manner
  • Create aerial shots of properties for more vivid, life-like rendering of architectural projects
  • In Emergency and Disaster Relief services, data gathered from UAVs can be used for life-saving measures.