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Delivering Results

•   Creating end-to-end visibility of your supply chain – Boosting your web and mobile applications through data science mechanisms for an integrated customer experience.
Maximising efficiencies and supporting end-to-end transparency across stakeholders, through a secure ledger and blockchain technology.
Improving customer service satisfaction through insights from specialised data analytics.

Our Solutions


With highly interconnected supply chains, transport and logistics companies are faced with the opportunity to leverage the current market shift, from ‘asset-heavy’ to ‘data-heavy’, through an integrated digital strategy. At 3dotDigital, we provide capabilities across data analytics, automation and beyond, to revolutionise inventory management, enterprise-level collaboration, flexibility and scalability for logistics and transportation companies.

Companies in this sector have access to more data than ever before. As customer expectations of shorter delivery timeframes, 3doDigital clients leveraging big data and analytics capabilities are enabling themselves to manage inventory at the pace of market demand. Let us be your partner in enabling business growth through technology, in an industry that is set to harness this potential.

Featured Case Study


Enhancing fleet tracking improves safety and performance

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