Optimising the consumer experience to excite, foster loyalty and drive revenue


Delivering Results

•   Optimising your supply chain and stock tracking to achieve profitable growth
Gaining actionable insights to inform strategic and operational decision-making
Creating personalised consumer experiences by analysing customer behaviour
Attracting increased sales through using real-time price-optimisation online and in-store

Our Solutions


With customer demands increasing, retailers racing to adapt to markets and consumer habits. 3dotDigital clients are integrating with proven technology solutions to build brands, manage channels and deliver a personalised customer experience that fosters loyalty. Having domestic and international experience, retailers look to partner with us to deliver a unified experience across online and offline channels.

In-store and on the sales floor, we help retailers harness advanced data analytics to give powerful solutions for proximity, micro-location marketing and sales assistance. Online, standard catalog searches can be optimised using machine learning algorithms to provide results based on user preferences. Behind the scenes, using real-time stock control, our retailers have decreased labour costs, reduced inventory error and optimised their supply chain management.

Featured Case Study


Improving customer acquisiton and engagement by going mobile

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