Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas

Energising a sustainable future for the core sectors powering our world


Delivering Results

•   Reducing equipment purchases through data-drive predictive maintenance capabilities
•   Improving customer satisfaction and environmental impact, while decreasing operating expenses
•   Engaging predictive analytics capabilities to anticipate and manage forced outages
•   Boosting your security infrastructure and reducing the risks of cyber-attacks

Our Solutions


Digital technologies are widely impacting energy management processes, supply chains and consumption patterns of energy. 3dotDigital enables businesses the opportunities to prototype new products, improve worker safety and maintain complex infrastructure.

With IoT-enabled asset management solutions, we have enabled connections between industrial operations which including your plants, processes, people and equipment. Using real-time analytics, we have assisted clients to optimise control systems, reduce downtime and drive new revenue.

Featured Case Study


Reducing downtime and improving equipment availability in water treatment

Featured Partners



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