Propelling your education organisation ahead through the effective use of technology strategy


Delivering Results

•   Personalising learning and adapt to the individual needs of students
Repurposing legacy content to improve accessibility and collaboration
Boosting learner retention of new concepts and increase employee engagement
Facilitating engagement between education providers, school administrators and parents

Our Solutions


Education services have expanded well beyond the blackboard, and education organisations need to keep abreast of the latest trends and digital strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 3dotDigital helps both corporates and educational bodies enhance retention, productivity, and engagement through gamified experiences and redefining the Learning Paradigm.

Staying ahead in the education domain is not just about students’ services. Improving the productivity and efficiency of teaching resources is critical to ensuring the successful delivery of your services. From online portals to the latest eLearning platforms, ERP for education, and Performance Assessment tools, 3dotDigital can ensure that your organisation is best positioned to take advantage of the latest technology offerings available.

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An mLearning solution overcoming challenges for employee training

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