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Enhancing capabilities of organisations in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector and their adaptability to changing requirements through effective technology solutions


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•   Fulfilling complex compliance needs, through our globally-certified partnerships
Applying data-driven insights to achieve business outcomes
Building security controls into the architecture of your technology, and across business domains
Encouraging customer loyalty through digital banking capabilities

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The banking and financial services industry has an increasing number of challenges to overcome and risks to mitigate in this changing world. From an explosion in data volume, increasingly stringent security requirements, and more complex business processes in order to keep abreast of increasing client demands, fierce competition, and stringent compliance demands.

Whatever your requirements may be, we design, develop, and deliver tailor-made solutions that cover everything from extracting value from your big data repositories to providing timely and personalised services to your customers. Our strong focus on rigorous security foundations and practices ensures the solutions we deliver are fit-for-purpose.

Meet Customer Service Goals: We help organisations in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector serve their customers better by enhancing customer experience through digitalisation, data-driven conversations through the use of chatbots, and personalisation through leveraging customer data. 

Regulatory Reporting Automation: Our automation and cognitive intelligence (CI) technologies can improve the business processes considerably by making labour-intensive and time-taking activities efficient. They enable BFSI organisations to complete manual regulatory reporting tasks that consume thousands of man-hours otherwise in a matter of minutes sans any human intervention.

Performance Management: Our full suite of performance management solutions for the BFSI sector include performance management systems; process review; management and statutory reporting; planning, budgeting, and forecasting; scorecards and dashboards; profitability and cost management; quality assurance; reporting systems advisory and implementation services, etc.

Multiple System Reconciliation: BFSI organisations grapple with problems like multiple reconciliation systems and silos of applications; lack of seamless flow data from different departments; weaker data control and security owing to a large number of manual interventions, etc. Our solutions in this space provide a full set of reconciliation capabilities, including greater visibility into transactions and exception handling processes, to help BFSI organisations meet their imperatives. 

Spend Monitoring and Optimisation: When it comes to spend monitoring and optimisation, 3 Dot Digital extends its partner Dhanush Infotech’s offerings to its patrons that include: spend categorisation and planning; better spend analysis; PO-based procurement leading to better tracking and compliance; continuous spend monitoring and optimisation; bringing together disparate spend categories, business units, people and systems, etc. 

Robust Business Models: In the ‘new normal’, the universal banking model is teetering on the brink of collapse. Banks must adapt to new regulations, technologies, customer expectations, and economic environments. 3 Dot Digital helps BFSI organisations come up with robust business models wherein one of the major change areas is a requirement of complex IT architecture to handle greater demands for data. 

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Streamlining the exchange of electronic data for insurance

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