Blockchain For Business

Track and trace your value and customer chain with immutable trust and transparency.

Blockchain is well suited to tracking high-value items like shipping containers, precious metals and gems, artwork, and designer clothing. It can also be used as an immutable record of the provenance and condition of perishable goods as it moves through the supply chain, recording location, temperature, vibration, and exposure to light. Additional use cases like tracking/verifying digital and physical asset ownership are also in the pipeline. Whatever the application, it is important to first evaluate if the application of Blockchain to your business process adds clear and measurable value.


Creating an immutable history of transaction records


Build Trusted Networks into your technology products:

  • By implementing autonomous interactions between devices, create a more cost-effective and trustworthy IoT
  • Store warranty service details in a blockchain, to improve customer service, and security of warranty provisions
  • Land registration through engaging blockchain technology, provides near real-time visibility into the status of the property, with access to complete history of previous transactions.